New Construction

The roof and exterior of any building, residential or commercial, is an integral part of the structures integrity and longevity. Choosing the right roofing solutions from the start can make a difference many years into the future. When professionally and properly installed, roofing and exterior finishes can greatly affect a building’s curb appeal and overall property value. In addition, proper design of roofing and exterior solutions should optimize smart building maintenance that will maximize performance with minimal upkeep for years to come.

At Greenland, we work closely with our clients to provide knowledgeable recommendations that will ensure your vision becomes a reality. Greenland starts every new construction project with a thorough understanding of all the project specifications and requirements. We then provide a comprehensive estimate that will outline the products and scope of work required. We will make sure you are aware of all your options and will work closely with you to create a solution that will best suit your needs and budget .