Soffits provide ventilation to the attic and are located under the overhang of your roof. Available in vented or un-vented aluminum panels, soffits are important for creating a comfortable living space and protecting your building from the elements of the sun, wind and rain. Poorly ventilated soffits mean a poorly ventilated attic causing costly damage. Problems such as ice damming in the eaves, condensation in the winter, and an overheated home in the summer can arise and shorten the overall life of your roof.

Older homes commonly have problems with soffit ventilation and should be inspected. A Greenland team member will inspect the soffits and find the best solution for your home or building.

With a wide selection of colours, your can customize your soffits to match your exterior for a polished look.


Fascia is the aluminum flashing that covers the wooden fascia board fastened to the truss tail ends and along gable ends. They protect the wood beneath from moisture and exposure to the elements. Fascia comes in many colours to complete the look of your exterior.